16" SINEX Laptop Stand Pre-order

16" SINEX Laptop Stand Pre-order


The Solution is, SINEX world’s first 3 in1 multifunctional laptop stand case,  combines the all advantages of laptop case, stand and wrist rest. It’s lightweight, portable, convenient, and can be used as laptop stand and wrist rest at the same time.

Sinex combines the all advantages of laptop case, stand and wrist rest, you will never be troubled by carrying too much items and forgetting to take one of them, because all are integrated together.

Easy to carry out on the go out/business trip, light and slim design, only bring more convenience and fun for travel.


Any problems please contact at sinexteam@gmail.com.



  • Model: SINEX-LC1 LC2
  • Weight: 420g (13, 14 inches), 500g (15, 16 inches)
  • Size: 335mm*255mm*18mm (13, 14 inches), 375mm*275mm*18mm (15, 16 inches)
  • Bracket angle: 15°, 35°
  • Thickness: 18cm
  • Color: gray, brown, green, beige
  • Material: polyvinyl chloride (PVC), rubber, glass fiber, magnet
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